How do I add boundaries to maps in the map room?

This article will help to answer Frequently Asked Questions About Adding Boundaries to Maps in the Map Room:

  • How do I add county boundaries?
  • How do I add state boundaries ?
  • How do I make highways more visible as reference points?
  • Is there any way to add borders to the maps?

Answer. The Map Room is currently a work-in-progress and, unfortunately, not all boundary markers maybe available. However, you can create a map that only shows your selected area. From the homepage, when you select Explore Maps and Data and then Make a Map you'll be asked if you'd like to use a New Area or My Saved Areas

If you have an Area saved from previous Community Indicator Reports, you may use that in creating a map. If you select New Area you'll be taken to the Area Selector. See this article for more information: 

With a map created for your Area you can now add data layers visible only for the selected boundaries. You can also turn off the boundaries by clicking on the slider in the top left. 

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