How do I select and compare all counties in a state?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I see data for all of the counties in a state?
  • Where do compare counties?
  • How do I see and compare multiple counties?
  • Can I compare data in one county to another county?
  • Can you create a report for an entire state?

Article Contents: 

  • Compare counties to other counties
  • Statewide report - see all counties in a state

Compare counties to other counties.
This is potentially a very powerful tool. Admittedly, it is not fully automated yet. We recommend This Article on how to build a report that compares counties

Statewide report - Want to see summarized data for all or most counties in a state? Select each county in the Area Selector tool. See our article on How do I Build a Community Indicator Report. If you've already built a report, there's another route: Left Navigation > My Areas > Create New Area


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