How can I compare indicator cards from two different areas?

If you'd like to compare different areas in a Community Indicator Report you can do so first by creating a Collection. First, click on My Collections in your homepage. 

Next, click on Create a Collection.

You'll see Untitled Collection will then pop up in your list. Click on that to name the Collection. 

Next, you'll want to run a Community Indicator Report for each of the areas you'd like to view and compare. 

Use the box that opens to configure the area you'd like to view. You can search by zip code, county, or city. Once you've selected the area you'd like to view click Generate Area. This will display a list of all the zip codes, counties, and cities contained within your selected area. Next click Save. You will then see a message saying your report is ready to view. Close the window. 

With your report generated, you'll then want to select which Indicator Cards should go in your comparison Collection. When you find the Indicator Card you'd like to add to the Collection, click on the second icon to the right at the bottom of the card (a plus sign with three lines.) This will create a drop down list of your Collections to select a place to save to. Once you've checked your save location, click Save

Repeat the process with the other areas you'd like to compare until you have added all the Indicator Cards you'd like to view in your Collection. You can then move each Indicator Card to compare directly.

You may also want to read the brief article on how to update the Area Tags at the bottom of each card.  

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