How do I save My Collection?

How do I Save My Collection? 

This article will help to answer frequently asked questions about saving work:

  • Where are My Collections saved?  
  • If I've created a collection, are my cards saved?
  • How do I save a Collection as I am editing it? 

Where are My Collections saved? 

Once I've Created a Collection, are my cards saved? 

All cards in My Collections (and My Favorites) are saved and become "yours" (i.e. are saved under your profile). Once a card is saved, feel free to move it around within a collection or from one collection to another.  

How do I Save a Collection as I am editing it? 

To save your collection or report as you are editing it (including Community Indicator Report) toggle the Edit button back to the Locked setting. This will save your work. All saved collections will be available from the Left Navigation.


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