How do I build a Report for a New Area?

  1. Start on the Homepage and select "Reports"
  2. On Reports page, select your report of choice
  3. Select "New Area" and follow instructions below for the Area Selector tool: 

Area Selector

To run a Report you'll need to begin by selecting your community area.  In the top box, you'll want to list which areas you'd like to include in your community. You can create a community by adding zip codes, counties, or the names of cities, villages, and towns.

In the box immediately to the right, you can enter the zip code, county, or city you'd like to add to your community report. The map will populate in real time. 

You can add multiple areas to a map as well. 

In the second box you'll want to create a name for your area. This will help you find it more easily in the future. 

Once you have added all the areas you'd like to include in your community select Generate Area to create a list of counties, zip codes, and cities. 

Clicking on Generate Area will produce a list of the cities and counties found within the selected area. You may remove any cities or counties you wish not to include by clicking on the "x." You may also search for any cities or counties not included by typing them into the search bars. 


Once finished, select Save in the upper-right hand corner. 

A message will display to show your area has been saved, you can then close the window to generate the Community Indicator Report. 


Once you CLOSE the Area Selector, You'll be taken to a Community Indicator Report. See our article on how to Edit this Collection. 

If you want to find your report later, see Left Nav > My Collections > Select Report 

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