How do I publish My Collection

To better connect users to one another, BroadStreet offers the ability for you to publish Collections and reports in order to make them public for others to see:

This article covers:

  1. How to publish a collection
  2. How to view a collection after it is published
Note: It is also possible to share  unpublished  collections by   adding collaborators


Publishing a Collection

To share your Collections and to make them public, open the page to the collection you'd like to share. Over to the right, you'll see the option to PublishScreen_Shot_2018-12-19_at_2.13.17_PM.png

Once clicked, the Publish button will create a menu of options: 


Select the author, add search tags, and then select a photo to feature. Then answer "yes" or "no" to allow users to customize this collection for their own page (their changes will not be visible to you on your own page.) Once completed, select Publish. And then Click VIEW to see your published collection. Each published collection has a unique url. 

What Happens to Published Collections

Published collections are available in the public Member Gallery. Here you can view your published collections and we recommend saving those you like to FAVORITES.

Ready to share your collection with others? See our article about sharing collections. 

IMPORTANT: If you are not happy with your published collection and you would like to edit it, change it and re-publish it, you can! Simply repeat the steps above. 


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