Creating Your First Community Indicator Report [Video]

Posted March 15. 2019


Hello there and welcome to Community Commons.

We are excited to tell you that the wait is over and the Community Indicator Report is now available. Now you can create collections with easy-to-view data and information about your community.

To create a report of your own click on "Run a Community Indicator Report" at the top of the homepage. This will open up a new window allowing you to select your area.

In the box below, you can access a dropdown menu to select whether you'd like to search by ZIP code, county, or city. Then type your search in the box next to it.

After this, you will want to give your area a name so you can find it more easily in the future.

Once you've searched for your community, click GENERATE AREA. This will populate a list of geographies also included in your selection. You may remove or add to this list to customize your community further. 

Finally, click SAVE in the upper righthand corner. You'll receive a message that your area has been saved and you may now close the window.

The data indicator cards will then appear automatically to show information about your community. 

Your Community Indicator Report automatically saves as a collection. From here, you may want to begin saving cards to other collections to compare various communities. To do this, click on the third icon at the bottom of the card. This will open up a dropdown menu to select the location you'd like to access this data in the future.  

Once you've saved the indicator cards you require, you'll be able to add your own text to the collection. We suggest starting with a name. Continue to add the text and indicator cards you'd like to tell the  story you want in your community.

Another feature is also making it's debut - indicator cards. this feature allows you to view many of the indicators from our map room in a more simplified context.

We've divided into three categories: 

  1. Demographics
  2. Area Deprivation and 
  3. Life Expectancy and Mortality Trends

You'll notice that some top these indicators cards can also be interacted with.

It's important to remember that as  with our Map Room this is only the beginning of the Community Indicator Report. We have plans to update features and indicators throughout the year. Thanks for supporting Community Commons. We will see you online.

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