Vulnerable Populations Footprint - will it be on the new Commons?

If you're familiar with the Vulnerable Populations Footprint then you might be interested in the Area Deprivation Index, also called the ADI, which is available here on BroadStreet! To find it you can search Area Deprivation Index or ADI in the mapping environment. 

More information on the ADI can be found at ADI: Index Helps Focus on Vulnerable Populations.

As of April 2019, we've expanded our Area Deprivation Index to include even more information. Within the Community Indicator Report, the default second section is, "Measures of Vulnerability" which will include the following cards: 

By clicking on the map Data Card you'll be taken to a more in-depth look at the Area Deprivation Index in a new window. 

The first item you'll see in this new window is a larger version of the Area Deprivation Index map. 

Below, you'll find the indicators that are factored in to the Area Deprivation Index and you'll also be able to download this information for your own report by clicking on the left Download button. 

Further below, you'll find new data indicator cards pertaining to the Area Deprivation Index. You can save these cards to your Community Indicator Report or a Collection of your choice. 

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