What are the icons at the bottom of the cards?

On each of the cards for data, maps, dataviz or stories, you'll notice four icons at the bottom of the card. Screen_Shot_2018-12-19_at_9.32.47_AM.png

These icons will allow you to access the information from this card more easily in the future. 

The far-left icon, the heart, allows you to add this card to your "favorites" making it available from your "Favorites" menu on your main page. 


Clicking the tag icon (right of heart icon), you'll be able to edit the key words for the unique cards (e.g., data, map, dataviz or stories) to ensure it pops up in searches for the desired key word. 

Clicking on the third icon from the left will allow you to save the card into one of your collections via the popup. Screen_Shot_2018-12-19_at_9.45.30_AM.png

Clicking this icon will pull up a menu to either create a new collection or save it to one you already have.


Finally, the "three dots" icon on the right will open up various options and popups, including the ability to share the card through social media, copy it, delete it from your collection, and soon, download the information.




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