What's a Collection?

Collections are customized pages that may be tailored to your interests (Like you would in Google Docs or Microsoft Word). You can use the built-in editor to name your page, give it a location, and add a description to tell the story with data, maps, and data visualizations.

From the main menu, you can create a collection. Click on the top left icon to pull down the main menu, and then select My Collection.Screen_Shot_2018-12-19_at_10.02.20_AM.png

Use the drop down menu under collections and then select, Create New Board.Screen_Shot_2018-12-19_at_10.35.59_AM.png

Selecting this option will open a new menu allowing you to name your collection, add a location, and a description. 


Next, you'll need to add story cards to this collection. Whenever you see a story card relevant to the topic within your collection, click the menu icon (three lines and a +) at the bottom of the card. 


This will pull up your collections menu allowing you to save this card to a collection you've created. Or, if you come across a story card that inspires you to create a new collection, you can do so from this menu as well. 


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